Basic InformationEdit

Name: Valvalis

Username: Aero_Dienamic

Series: Final Fantasy 4

Played by: Zappa

Age: Physucally mid-20's


Weight: Don't ask women this

Hair: Blonde, appx 14 feet in full length

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: here

Birthplace: Where she was created is of no consequence

Abilities: High-level wind magic, flight, indestructible hair

Occupation: Fiend/Elemental Lord of Wind

Original Application: here

Background InformationEdit

Valvalis is responsible for the one of the many 'captivities' of Rosa. She dwells upon the highest floors of the Tower of Zot, guarded by her minions, the Magus Sisters.

Confidently, she allows Cecil and party to rescue Rosa before showing herself. She scolds Kain, calling him a traitor to Golbez before attempting to slay the party. Ultimately, she fails.

Her demise was short lived, as the powerful Lunarian Zemus resurrected her, as well as the other 3 elemental Fiends. Cecil's party was pit against the gauntlet of the fiends, among them, Valvalis, furious at not only her previous defeat, but Kain whom still refused to work under Golbez, and Zemus's order.

Once more, the woman saw defeat.

Roleplay HistoryEdit

QUITE A LOT, but in short, a great deal of flirting, bickering with Kain, listening to Golbez's orders. Recently, she'd come to have one of her 'adopted' daughters, Kirimi kidnapped. Also her friend Sasarai had died, only compounding recent tragedies. She's currently 'dating' Excellen

Point in CanonEdit

After dieing in the Giant of Bab-Il


Despite her incredibly human appearance, she's a monster. She is worthless in battle, using her element to rend her foes as well as spin her hair to rend herself invulnerable to any form of assault, other than that from above.

Like the wind, she shifts moods on a whim. Rarely could you consider the woman a 'gentle breeze', easily bothered and quick to unleash her fury (preferably with violent wind than verbal abuse). The rare moments she's calm and serene... even happy, are frightening, much like the ominous 'calm before the storm'

Valvalis LIKES WOMEN! She's openly sexual toward them, when appropriate. She might try to grope someone in private, but not openly in front of everyone. Men... yeah no... she's doesn't hate men, but they don't interest her sexually at all.

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