fails at life forever

The Sapph is a mysterious creature. No one knows quite what it is that makes her tick, nor why it is that she fails so much. What is known is that she does indeed fail greatly. Talents include random typos, typos of previous typos, inconsistent typos, sleep typing, sleep talking, inability to spell Richter's name, talking about Blue Wangs, hiding a giant donkey dong behind doors, giving people numerous unintentional nicknames, and much more. She is the most fluent speaker of the mystical language known only as Failwhale, and is capable of speaking both Classical and Modern Failwhale with ease.

Sapph's fail is so great that she is recognized as having the Most Typos/Misfires of 2009 and 2010 on Livejournal. Her fail is catalogued and can be read here, on the fail whale.