I am an arteest.

oh my god how did this get here i am not good with computer


My name is Pel! I pretend to be fake people on the internet.

My contact info is here! Oh and I'm on plurk apparently.

About Me!Edit

I am male, American, from the East Coast, and an art student. If I cannot apologize in advance, I will apologize for it afterward! I like characters who have some deep-seated emotional issue, generally revolving around isolation, low self-esteem and poor life choices. Basically, I am your stereotypical internet gnome.

I am also AR's roommate in actualfacts real life, so poke me if you can't get ahold of her, and vice versa, as will inevitably be more the norm.

Warning: Talking to me for any amount of time means eventually the conversation will fall back on dick jokes, gay sailors, Star Trek or etymology. Honestly, probably just the dick jokes. And etemology. But mostly dick jokes.

I just realized I'm probably supposed to write this in third person oops that is for squares.

Current CharactersEdit

  1. Mildmay , Doctrine of Labyrinths. Taciturn, shy, introverted, lover of citrus.
  2. William Bush, Hornblower. Gruff, outgoing, lover of mustard.

I Don't Think You're Taking This Wiki Business Very SeriouslyEdit

You have got to stop this self-referential comedy schitck, it's so 2010.