Too fail cool for one of those info boxes.

Wild MEOWZY appeared!Edit

"MEOWZY, the FANGIRL pokemon."
-insert height and weight here-
"MEOWZYs are known to be highly reclusive, and the chance of ever seeing one outside of its shelter are slim. MEOWZYs attack with odd behaviors, such as writing Slash fiction."

While currently under the watch of Trainer Kyo, the MEOWZY has a basic set of four moves;
"Slash" - A terrifying attack where she writes several sentences for any slash pairing.
"Tail Whip" - For some reason, this is usually effective.
"Snack" - A selfhealing move. Though, all that chocolate can't be good for her in the long run.
"Spoiler" - Richter killed Dumbledore! Ratatosk is Emil's father!

In order to inflict a Critical Hit, make use of Marta or KratosxRaine. Possibly both.

Now, for srs businessEdit

Age: 23
Location: The Netherlands. (that's in Europe)
Gender: Female.
Personal LJ: Meowzy-chan
Characters she plays right now: Yuan, Gelda Nebilim, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Cheria Barnes
Characters she used to play: Emperor Kuzco, Forcystus, Dhaos, Navi, Aziraphale, Emily (Corpse Bride), Klarth F. Lester, Richter Abend, Vyse, Chibi-Usa, Perry the Platypus, Lambda.

Meowzy likes; Kratos/Yuan, videogames, cosplay, Yuan, anime, Tales of Symphonia, other Tales games, Zelda, Phoenix Wright, old-skool Lucasarts games like Monkey Island, cracky pairings, Skies of Arcadia, LJ, Yu-gi-oh Abridged, sleeping in, coffee, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, conventions, chocolate, caramel, more sleeping. Starbucks.

Meowzy dislikes; Homophobes, sexists, racists, Marta Lualdi, school, homework, loud scooters, creepy pop-up ads, grudgewank, KratosxRaine (SRSLY).