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  • Helios, Twilight Sparkle

The library holds the books from different worlds that arrive in Luceti. While there isn't information on the Luceti situation itself there is a wealth of information on other topics. There are reading chairs and tables scattered through the building and several private meeting rooms at the back, as well as one previously used as a residence by past librarians. 


9 AM-2:30 PM, offers a range of classes, and open to more than just students. There is a playground located behind the school, though it had been enchanted by Helios to keep out potential threats.

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  • Mizuno Ami

The village clinic. Has medical supplies.

Art GalleryEdit

  • Pepper Potts

Located near CH4, residents, students and the art club are encouraged to donate their creations to give Luceti some culture!


  • Currently unmanned

Designed by Mark and built by Walter, the Barracks contains several training weapons and filled with training dummies, targets, and other objects useful for sparring. A basement level was added by Toph in late February.


  • Loki, Rogue

Located somewhere between the farmlands and the seventh community building, there are several steeds now available for riding due to Gregory's accomplishments (2012)

Community BuildingsEdit

Community Housing 1Edit

Working elevator (purchased by Shikamaru in fall of 2012.)

Community Housing 2Edit


Community Housing 3Edit


Community Housing 4Edit


Community Housing 5Edit

A single seesaw is located behind the building.

Community Housing 6Edit


Community Housing 7Edit

A potential location for the younger residents of Luceti to be moved into. Spaces have been reserved.

The ForestEdit

The accessible forest of Luceti slightly surrounds the village, but is located largely to south and west of the village. 

New Feather StationsEdit

Set up around the forest by Ted for the purpose of helping lost New Feathers, they are made of stone (by Toph).


Leftover by Treebeard, the Enthouse is a small clearing in the forest where a large stone table (about four meters in height) sits in the middle. It is otherwise abandoned and covered with plant growth now.

Western LakeEdit

The Blue Rogues own a longboat, The Anna Aurion kept somewhere on the lake. A sign next to it declares ownership of the boat.

Southern LakeEdit

  • The Lake House is located on the northern shore of the lake.
  • On the northern edge of the lake, just west of where the river empties into the lake, a large stone water slide can be found. Constructed by Toph.


Hot SpringsEdit

Hot springs are located in the mountains. There is a small house that was built by Raven (Vesperia). The teleporter connects there from the Recreation Center and can send up to two at a time.