Has Also Been Call: Kam, Kam-chan, Klamyo, Colly

Contact: AIM- Ctimesitsself MSN-

Currently Character(s): Yuzuriha Nekoi(X/1999), Edward Elric(Fullmetal Alchemist), Dark Mousy (D.N Angel)

Retired Character(s): Suoh Takamura(CLAMP School Detectives)


  • Most likely the youngest mun, at a mere 13 years of age
  • Dyslexic
  • Very ADD orz
  • Canadian
  • A dancer/artist/writer/actress/scout
  • Extremely intimidate by other people


  • Doesn't like doing logs(but getting better!)
  • Luceti was her first RP
  • Likes drawing things that happen in RPs
  • Always has something better to do than RP with you people
  • RPs with you people anyways