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Izaya Orihara is a young informant broker. He was born on May 4th and is the son of Shirou and Kyouko Orihara, and the older brother of his twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi. As a child he won many awards, attended essay and sport meetings, and was the Vice President and top student of his elementary school class. He considered himself a loner and he liked to keep things to himself. He explored the world around him through library books and by observing things from afar, which he claimed to be a simple hobby, but it became more and more obsessive as the years go by. His life changed when he met Shinra in middle school. One day he heard that Shinra dislikes human beings, and this made Izaya confused and curious. Shinra wanted Izaya to help him create a biology club, which Izaya turned down at first because he wanted to continue life as it was since elementary school. However, Izaya decided to join Shinra to create the club which Shinra in turn made Izaya the vice president and it gave Izaya the opportunity to keep an eye on him closely. When the club expo was scheduled, Shinra left the whole club in Izaya's hands. To Shinra's surpise, Izaya turned the whole club into a gambling ring with Nakuma as his business partner. Shinra tried to stop him but was annoyed. One day Nakuma threatned Izaya with a knife and demanded him to give him back the money he lost but Izaya refused. In order to protect Izaya, Shinra jumped in the way and took the hit and was wounded in the process. In turn this caused Izaya to become extremely jealous of Shinra because of his ability to separate himself from the world because of his love for Celty. Izaya made Shinra tell everyone that Izaya himself was the attacker and he promised to make Nakura pay for what he did. This shows that even though he is still jealous of Shinra, he still considered him a good friend. After the incident, Izaya was put in protective custody. Because of this, he continued to create his infamous reputation. As Izaya entered highschool along with Shinra, Izaya met Shizuo who he started to hate with passion and their violent rivalry began and continued up to graduation and through adulthood. Izaya became a member of the Dollars where he anonymously gathered up members by inivations through email and in person.