Item Shop4

The Items Shop is one of the original stores in Luceti, and used by the Malnosso as a dumping ground for various character items and Luceti supplies. Think of the Item Shop as a General Store/Furniture Shop combo. You need it, they've got it. It's currently staffed by Rogue.

Brief explanation of the layout

  • The bins in the entrance room filled with random things that Rogue doesn't think really go 'anywhere' or that she thinks are just interesting
  • Rogue has a special hidden section (and so not marked here) where she keeps things that she think look 'personal' so that random people can't just pick it up. Of course, sometimes things get Shifted directly onto the shelves, and she doesn't spot it, so it's not necessary for her to have found and kept something of yours, but she thinks it would be irresponsible to leave things that might belong to someone where just anyone could take it.

Room 1 gets the most use, so Rogue puts the daily items in there

  • The green shelf is the toys
  • Other things in the front room include, but are not limited to: pens, papers, notebooks, sunglasses, random curiosities, jewelry, umbrellas, linens, cleaning products, hygiene products...

Room 2 is your houseware/hardware store

  • The paints are in the red rectangles against the wall
  • You'll find garden tools, house tools, nails, screws, ect, all on the shelves
  • The odds and ends that won't fit on the shelf or need daily use are in the bins
  • As are extra bins

Room 3 -- Outdoors Things (tents, sleeping bags, ect...)

The Kitchen holds the kitchenware, stacked as Rogue would use it in her own kitchen. Extras or anything that gets too crowded goes on the shelves.

The rest of the shop is the Furniture shop, and it's arranged by type: chairs, beds, shelves, ect...

Hours of Operation

  • Rogue is there Monday-Saturday, from 10:00am-3:00pm

(She stays until 3:30ish during New Feather Season)

  • She doesn't lock the door when she leaves, this way even if she's not there, you can get your shopping on

Points of Interest

The Red Square is where the Malnosso dump the stuff that she comes in and sorts every day. It's got a table and some shelves and a folding divider that cuts it off from the rest of the store so she can sort in peace.

The Purple Rectangle is the counter Rogue sits behind when she is not sorting, organizing, or cleaning, and where her Mp3 player and docking station is plugged in.