Luceti InformationEdit

  • Kidnappings: 2
  • Deaths: 1
  • Death Penalties:
    • Lost memory of her parents.


A girl standing at 5'4" and weighing 110 pounds, she is known for having ivory colored skin, with long dark brown hair which surrounds her heart-shaped face. Her eyes are more of a chocolate brown.


Bella has a tendency to act older then her actual age, often taking care of others. She is intelligent, and very understanding and caring. She dislikes dressing up in elegant clothes, and wearing make-up, as well as going to social events such as dances and parties. She has never enjoyed attention, and would much rather just blend in with everyone else. She is also very clumsy, as she is always found tripping over her own feet. She dislikes expensive things, and would prefer others not buy her gifts, although she finds homemade, and handy-down items to be much more acceptable. She also does not follow the normal fear patterns of most, and always seems to be embracing the worst. Bella also has a habit of being a trouble magnet, as she seems to always attract danger no matter where she goes.


Bella is human with a very interesting ability that even she does not know how to control. She is able to protect her mind. In other words, nobody can get into it. So as long as it's something that involves her mind, it won't work on her. Other then this small detail, there is nothing else different about her.


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Luceti HistoryEdit

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  • Luceti
    • Likes
      • Roxas
      • Rue (Dropped)
    • Neutral
      • Elda Marker (Dropped)
      • Aros (Dropped)
      • Buffy Summers
      • Angel (Dropped)
      • Kotaro (Dropped)
      • Subaru (Dropped)
      • Rose Tyler (Dropped)
    • Dislikes
      • Zelman Clock (Dropped)