Originally the "Filial" in the village were quite different; they functioned like normal residents though their movements were unrecorded, and one in particular (Carol, the schoolteacher) spoke directly to the characters via the journals. As Luceti changed from a small, simple roleplay to a larger, more plot-driven RP, of course the purpose of the Filial themselves had to change and expand. Since they were spoken of so rarely and Carol herself had a small, typically-unused background role, they were retconned and Carol (possibly permanently) disposed of. Currently, the "Filial" are:

  • Essentially pre-programmed to fulfill simple roles within the village
  • Devoid of brain function beyond the minimum required to fulfill those roles and survive daily life
  • Vacant, lifeless, like the living dead for the most part (except they do not eat brains :|)

At the moment, John has confiscated Carol and the previous proprietors of the grocery shop and item bazaar. There are only a handful of Filial left in the village, and they keep to themselves.