So, let's say Character X and Character Y have hooked up and are looking to start a family. Or, perhaps, you're feeling particularly sadistic and Character X happens to get pregnant. The Malnosso encourage natural Filial reproduction, ie. babymaking. Thus, character breeding is allowed. However, there are some rules. There are also guidelines for both potential parents to follow.


  1. You must be a Luceti resident for 6 months and be reasonably active. Since having a child is a big commitment - it involves two characters and two players that must choose ahead of time to do this - you can't just do it on a whim. If one of the parents are dropped, there would obviously be serious repercussions and consequences involved, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

  2. Think it through. As mentioned above, a baby is a big commitment. It changes the lives of the parent characters as well as their social contacts - someone will have to watch the baby, feed the baby, change the baby, etc. It affects the community as a whole and limits what your characters can do within the comm. For example, a great deal of Stella's life revolves around caring for Sophie. Think carefully before deciding to give your characters a child.

  3. The baby is an original character. It doesn't really matter when it's still young, but when it grows old enough to become coherent and speak clearly and concisely (if the characters last that long) it becomes a separate character and will be taken into consideration for character limits in applications. Keep this in mind as well - infants eventually become active little kids.

  4. Talk to us first. Players must contact a head mod and receive permission before anything is decided upon.

  5. Luceti-born children are, for the most part, exempt from Malnosso-run experimentation. Now and then an anomaly happens, but they are few and far between. (This was altered from the original rules for plot purposes.)


  • Filial pregnancies last for 3 months, or roughly 12 weeks.
  • Signs of pregnancy (ie. morning sickness) appear after about a week or two.
  • Symptoms may vary depending on the race of the parents, but for simplicity's sake, they match well with a normal human pregnancy.
  • Infants are born with wings; the color must be decided upon prior to birth. It's usually either a combination of or derived from the parents' wing colors.