Basic InformationEdit

Name: (Your character's name)

Username: (Provide a link to your character's journal. To do that, enter url-text)


Played by: (Link to your mun article. You can do that by doing this: Mun Article Name.)







Birthplace: (Where they were born. Include as much as you know, but be brief.)

Abilities: (What your character is capable of.)

Occupation: (What your character did for a living prior to arriving in Luceti.)

Original Application: (Provide a link to your application.)

Background InformationEdit

Canon HistoryEdit

(Please include an in-depth history of your character. Alternatively, include a link!)

Roleplay HistoryEdit

(What your character has been through since they've arrived in Luceti. Be detailed and be sure to update often!)

Point in CanonEdit

(What point in the story your character hails from. Include a brief summary of what was going then. If your character has been through canon updates, please include those, too.)


(Insert details about your character's personality here. Include their strengths and weaknesses. Why, yes, I am giving you an excuse to copy-paste from your application)


(People that your character has forged friendships with. OPTIONAL)

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