The insanity has only begun...

Abandon hope, all ye who read this...

Mun: EDOEdit

A newb to Luceti, recruited to the ranks by Keanna . (Who refuses to apologize, but even still, Edo can provide you her address for any flaming dog poo you wish to send her for inflicting such horror upon you...) Bonus Trivia: Keanna was actually trying recruit her for practically two years, baiting her with things such as infinite love and food before she finally caved.

The wild Edo is a unique creature, wandering from LJ RPG to LJ RPG seeking substance and creative endeavors. Dropped off the face of the RP Map around 2008 upon transferring colleges but has recently reawaked and with a great amount of fervor.

Already exhibiting a knack for being rather GIF-happy OOC, Edo is quite the expressive sort and is unafraid to bestow love and happy vibes upon those who dare come near.

When not being observed like a wild animal, Edo enjoys reading, writing, drawing, watching quality television, and dancing in the rain. Being an animation major at one of the more chaotic schools, her activity levels within Luceti will vary. (As she's also dividing her RP time with another community as well.)

And in case it was not made obvious enough already - she is pretty crazy. Not to mention a total spaz.


See? GIF-happy!

Key Info

Age: 20 (in May)

Location: East Coast, USA // EST

LJ: Kyatto

AIM: stillnotginger


Doctor Who: The Doctor (Ten)

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf

Avatar: the Last Airbender: Jet