Filial wing size.

The residents' wings are much like angel's wings, but substantially smaller. They're roughly 3/4 arm's length, emerging between the shoulders, from about 1/4 of the way down the back to the middle.

They fold at the center and can lie flat against the back, and can even be concealed under loose clothing. After they are attached, the wings cause pain up to around 24 hours as the body adjusts to them, and afterwards are painless as long as they're undamaged. The residents should have decent control over them after that. They are designed with the power to allow for slight hovering, not flight.

Much like birds, the feathers have varying levels of softness depending on the age of the resident. Children have softer, downy feathers, more fluffy and numerous, but shorter. Around puberty (roughly age 11-15) these feathers are exchanged for longer, stronger, and more silk-like feathers. Adults start out with such feathers, and as they physically age (past 50 or 60), the quality of color and beauty decreases over time. Immortals, or characters who don't age, will keep the feather quality they started out with. Wings grow in proportion to the growth of the body.

The wings are a delicate part of a character's health in Luceti, and as such they do not molt or otherwise lose feathers unless they are pulled. Removing them entirely without killing the character is currently impossible. The removal of one wing causes great pain and an extensive illness until it can grow back; this usually takes five days to a week. Removing the feathers without touching the structure will sicken and/or weaken the character but will not kill them. The feathers grow back in less than a week. If both wings are removed, death is painful but immediate.